Back to Album View to where you were, not beginning

I use album view to choose music most of the time. If I have some idea of what I want to hear I use the ABC selector to get me close. The problem for me is that maybe I’ll choose something from the R’s and then decide that’s not what I want to listen to so I use the left arrow to go back to the list but it always goes back to the very first album instead of where I was. I can’t think of any time that was the right option for me instead of it going back to where it was. I’ve seen this request before but it’s been awhile so I thought I’d throw it in the pot again.


+1 for that request.

At the risk of sending this request to the ash heap of history, I too support this idea.


And ditto, just another of a long list of fixes that will significantly enhance the user experience with little development effort.

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Chiming in here for (seemingly) easy tweaks to make the user experience that much better

Yep, that works for me

I’m in Album view, sorted by artist. If I scroll to the right and select and view an album, the arrow at top left takes me back to exactly the screen I left, not to the start. Same behaviour if sorted by Album Title. Same behaviour if I get there by typing a letter.

I see the same behaviour as @Anthony_B for album view. However, I do see a similar problem to the OP when scrolling through main albums of an artist. Here I find back arrow does send me back to the beginning. Though strangely not always.

If I leave Roon open on my iPad it mostly works as you describe. However, anything that causes Roon to reload/redraw the window such as doing something else on my iPad takes album view back to the beginning. Even time passing can cause the window to reload which takes album view back to the beginning.

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Where this type of “functionality” really annoys me is when I’m browsing through a list of artists albums on the Qobuz section. I don’t choose all as one looses the album ratings.

So there is 15 little dots signifying 5 albums each and I’m at the 8th dog and want to check out that album and then I click back and I’m back to the first dot again. This is on a iPad.

Apologies if this is the wrong thread but it’s what search them up.

I can only echo evan here.


Same for me!