Back to the future

I’m downsizing due to retirement and thought I’d leave comments as Roon is on the chopping block.

Despite the occasional dodgy metadata and time it takes to harmonize tag data, my only real complaint with Roon is lack of a folder view. I know, Roon will never do a folder view. I still missed having it. Otherwise, I had no issues with Roon and it worked well for me.

But part of downsizing is cutting costs, so I have gone back to my olde setup - Minimserver to RPI2 with Digiberry Digi+ hat running upmpdcli outputting coax to Teac DAC and controlled by BubbleUPnP on an old phone. I actually think it sounds a bit more detailed than Roon - different certainly even to my ageing ears.

I’m also likely giving up on Qobuz. It’s amazing having access to “everything” but it can’t completely replace my curated collection. Often, Qobuz’s versions of favorite albums are the latest release often with “Loundness Wars” DR and albums just disappear without warning or reason. I can live with Youtube Music for finding new stuff.

I do think Roon/Qobuz is an ideal platform for someone just starting to discover music in all its genres.

Thanks to everyone for all the help along the way.



Enjoy the music and all the best, @Paul_Cady.

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