Back to the Office - there is no Roon here (how have you solved it?)


After two years at home, it’s time to return to the Office. For me, the big change, is that I can’t use Roon. I bet I am not alone in this :wink:
In my collection there is more that’s 2.000 CD’s ripped, and then of course I have my usual ”Roon filters” as well.

I’m not that very keen to go through each and every CD and add ”Qobuz” versions (if they existerar) in Roon.

How did you solve these ”problems” for yourself? Any ideas for me?


For me, SD card with some of my must haves, insert into my Chord Mojo/Poly combo.


Have Roon on a laptop which I use in the office. Authorize the laptop in the office. Authorize the home core when I get home.


Really really clever…
My problem is of course, I work for a big American company with stricts it-rules. If my boss would see something like that… well :thinking: …it wont be fun. All I got is my iPhone and my headset…

Other than having your RoonServer with you as per my previous, you then would have to tinker and open a VPN back to your house, to play back via your phone*. Keep in mind that such a setup is not a supported Roon environment. So, posting a query how to in the Tinkering section of the forum would help. Many have use ZeroTier vpn to do so, I have not tried it.

For situations where I cannot have my laptop, I forgo Roon entirely and just use my phone. I have nearly 1 TB of storage on my Samsung Phone, use a good player like UAPP. Then either headphones, or, out USB to a DAC/AMP and then speakers; depending on what is allowed in the office environment.

  • Over Cellular. If you tried to use the office WiFi for this, then you would probably be blocked by your companies IT. And, if not, I know I can monitor network usage by device, and if a WiFi device started copying over large amounts of data continuously, I would investigate.

At home, install Plex and link to your ripped music folder, then use Soundiiz to transfer Plex to Qobuz.

Never had to do this, but reading the Soundiiz doc it seems like that might work.

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Roon provides a Soundiiz export, so no need for Plex.

Load your phone up and crack on. I can fit plenty on mine in ALAC, no one needs to be hi res heroes if it’s only in an office. Mojo poly with SD also works well for me if you can use better head phones. Shanling m0 with sd card is discreet. iPod conversion to ssd is also fab.

Aha, something new? Probably not; I’ve never had to export.

OK, then go to Albums, select All and then Export. Great.

Why not just use a plex client to listen remotely?


Yep, lot of options.

I read the post to mean he wanted to eventually use Qobuz, but whatever.

Ah right.
Me I have all my songs in itunes, and play via roon at home.
Sync my itunes playlists to my phone and have all my fav music with me no matter where I go.
For longer trips I copy my entire itunes library to a pair of external drives that I can attach to a laptop to have my whole library. Use schitt modi multibit + vali 2 to play back through hifiman ananda cans.

Use Soundiiz to copy your music to Apple Music. Plug an AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt into your iPhone.

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I haven’t used this myself, but I believe the following could/should work:

Run Splashtop Streamer on your home Core machine. Run Splashtop Personal on your work computer. You should be able to access Roon on Splashtop Personal at work.

Of course, perhaps your work ITS will not allow installation of software on the work computer, in which case this is a moot point.

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I pretty much don’t listen to music while working, as I find it distracting. A lot of my work time is spent in meetings (virtual or otherwise) so it’s just not feasible. A benefit of working from home was playing an album during a lunch break. So, hasn’t been an issue. But I have Tidal so can use that if I want to listen to something.

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It does. But, be aware that to use Personal outside the home requires a Paid subscription.

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My old WFW setup. All my Roon local music fits into a 2TB USB SSD, I would sync it regularly to my home server and bring it back to work. Since then, I sold the not-in-use DAC and amp, so when I return to work I’ll have to rebuild the setup. The main advantage of this over something with less storage like a phone or DAP is that I don’t have to pick-and-choose from the home collection.

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Hello everybody.
Thank you so much for all the ideas and suggestions. I am very grateful. This is the way I finally did:

  1. I exported a list from Roon with all my “local” music. About 2700 albums.
  2. I used Soundiiz to import my list, export the list, too Qobuz. About 1700 albums landed there… easy peasy.
  3. Qobuz synced the 1700 albums into Roon - now I have a local version of the albums and a “qobuz” copy - easy peasy.
  4. Any new album I rip from CD, I will add a Qobuz copy in Roon (if there is one)
    This whole thing took about 30 minutes. All thanks to your ideas and suggestions. Once again, thank you!

Great that you found a way! So at work you listen via Qobuz on your phone, is that right?

Yep, that was the easiest solution.

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