Back up location

Roon Core is on a ROCK version 1.7 build 528

Via the BT (local internet provider) WiFi I am connected to a number of remotes

One of them is a Windows 10 lap top and I am trying to set up a second Roon backup to that Laptop (the first is to an external drive connected to the ROCK)

The Laptop is on the same wifi network as the ROCK

I am trying to use the “add network share” command

I am also trying to follow the guidance notes for setting up a core folder to discover music (My Roon has no problem finding and playing music, it’s a second back up location I am trying to establish but I am using the protocol laid out in these guidance notes)

Whatever I try I receive the message “invalid path”

What should my file path look like?

Many thanks

You have to setup a shared folder on your laptop before you can add it as a backup location.

FAQ: How do I create a shared folder on Windows and add it as a watched folder in Roon?

Just use it to setup a backup location instead of a watched folder.

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Thank you BlackJack

Now done it

Keep safe (as they say)

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