Back up of Nucleus (internal storage on Airport Time Capsule)


after having ripped my CD on my Nucleus I would like to create via my Mac Pro a Back up of the music (and may be other data on the Nucleus) on my Airport Time Capsule.
When trying to instruct via “Time Machine” on the Mac I have a problem to instruct to consider Nucleus from my network as a back up folder. Problem is that Nucleus is considered as a guest and the password to be input I don’t know. it is not my Mac or Roon Password.

if I am asking in Roon for instructing having a back up (maybe regular) it is proposing dropbox - and it is my understanding from using the help function that I need in the form that is needed to fill to provide the “path” of the Airport Time Capsule.
But in my “Finder” from the Mac I don’t recognize a certain path.
I see that the Airport Time Capsule is listed like the Nucleus in the “Network”.

if somebody can give me an Advise or his experience on how to be able to install the back up it would be great.

Thanks for your support.


Roon does not have a backup for your local music files. You will have to manually back them up before or after you add them to your nucleus. Roon does however have an automated backup for the data base which you can set up in settings.

Hello Michael,
thanks for your advise. In this case I will copy separately my internal storage to my Time Capsule.
And from Roon I will install with Roon the automated back for the Data base. - This second is still not so clear to me as Roon is only proposing drop box or I need to provide a kind of path for this.


Second part definitely needs a path. I suggest using your Mac Pro instead of the time capsule. You will need to have it connected via Ethernet to your Nucleus via a switch. The nucleus needs to see it on your network. At this point it should show up in the backup settings alongside Dropbox. You will just navigate the path. Someone else who is more experienced with the Nucleus may have another option.

Hi @Ralf_Gerhardt,

You’ll need to make sure that the location you plan on making the backup to is properly shared over the network. Once shared, you can then access it via SMB by entering the correct path, username, and password. This is similar to adding networked storage folders, which is outlined here.

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