Back with more Roon problems

So…Anyone know why with no reason, Roon suddenly won’t play Quboz, Tidal on any device- it will play Roon Radio however and the internet and all other connected devices in our home are working. The Nucleus is hardwired and the Roon Certified devices are also hard wired. As soon as I select a song to play in Tidal or Quboz it immediately displays a small black rectangular bar next to the song and wont play.

Yes, I’m frustrated. thanks - let me guess, reboot the Nucleus for the 5th time in the 6 weeks I’ve owned it?

It is frustrating I agree but it usually works :grinning:

Maddening frankly- not sure what the point of buying the Nucleus, hard wiring the whole system and still having it freeze up. I’m always within ten minutes of cancelling Roon and going back to my bluesound system which I maintain (it always works).

I have the nucleus too and yes it’s not problem free as I had hoped, but I probably only have to reboot it every 2 weeks or so .
How often you having to reboot ?

You guys need to put in more support calls. I’ve got a 2nd hand nuc off eBay not a premium product like yours and I reboot mine once in a blue moon.
The nucleus should just sit there and work.

I think you may be right about that. Problem is after a days work you just want to listen to music , not have to be continually posting on forums .
Says me posting on a forum and having done little work for 7 weeks :grinning:

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3-4 times in about 8 weeks. Makes no sense at all given its price and the fact that it’s supposed to provide stabilitiy to the system. I don’t have to reboot any other computer, phone, Ipad or device I own any where nearly as frequently.

Similar to me then .

Start a support thread and fill in the requested information in the template and get support involved. Or carry on :boot: :boot:

Thanks and will do