Background activity of Roon

Is there any way to delete all that radio nonsense and background activity of Roon?

Say I am trying to get my server as quiet as possible but Roon is trying to justify its existence.

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Seems, you‘re trying to remedy a non-existent problem, no?

Any sound (pun intended) reasoning?

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Welcome to the Roon community, @Erwin_Go1.

I’ve moved your post and replies to a new thread, as it was off-topic.

Assuming you mean Roon Radio, this may be turned off: go to the Queue, and toggle the switch.

Screenshot from 2023-09-29 20-19-56

If one feels that Roon brings no other benefits to justify its existence and tries to do that by performing useless background processing, maybe Roon is not the right product to use?


If one is (needlessly) concerned about background PC activities influencing the audible outcome, better place the core server in another room, use Ethernet to transfer the data to a streamer/DAC and be done with peace of mind, rather than tweak away mindlessly.

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Roon Radio is easy to turn off as above.

Roon is highly dependent on Metadata for its functions some of the background activity is Roon keeping itself up to date

Roon uses your play stats to recommend albums etc via Valence chopping that off would cripple Roons ability to recommend

If these features are not for you i would wonder if Roon is the right product for you. I am sure the background activity is for a good reason. Many other software packages report home to Mama in just the same way