Background analysis skips last track

I’ve got a new NUC (8i7). Have restored my library to the new. When i now adds new music the background analysis analyses all the new tracks, except one. It cannot get through the last one. Is there any way to identify the track that won’t be analysed?
This happends every time i add new music.

Have you looked in skipped files?

Hi @Peter_Leinslie,

Can you clarify what you mean by all tracks except the last one? Are these all tracks from a specific album or does it occur on multiple albums? Can you share a few examples of albums exhibiting this behavior? Do they show up under Skipped Files?

I’ve checked my missing files and there were some corrupted files. They are now deleted. We will see when i add some new files how it respondes.
Thank’s for your help.

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After deleting some corrupted files it’s now ok. This was some old files, and after the restore on the new NUC they in some way fucked the analysis up.

Hi @Peter_Leinslie,

Thanks for the update, glad to hear that the system is stable since removing those files!

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