Background analysis start again after 1148 update


After 1148 update my NUC ROCK became hot and I noticed a new background anlysis for all my libs of over 70K tracks. This is annoying and long. Why a new analysis has started?

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Take a look at this recent thread.

After 1148 Update my Rock is hot an whistling for more than 24 hours.

I have restarted the Rock but the problem didn’t disappear.

Look at Settings → Library, maybe there is the background audio analysis in progress…

All sorted now , but the final analysis now the dust and “anger” have settled

The Upgrade caused Roon to re-analyse (ie audio analysis) the entire contents of my USB External hard Drive. I spotted it because my NUC was noisy / working when I didn’t expect it.

The File date/time stamps are now 2 hrs out of what they show on a previous back up

I “Bit the Bullet” and changed my drive to NTFS from exFAT, then re loaded the drive from a backup. Roon fortunately recognized the paths and imported without further analysis. The downside is now my back ups are 2 hrs out and I use a Sync program to back up so all 3 of my BU drives had to be recopied

It’s all done now but what a pain there was 57k track on the external drive. Lets hope this was a once off change with the new ROCK OS and doesn’t happen next time . I would be highly P**ed off if it did. Especially since Roon in the release notes say the update would not affect the files. Maybe it didn’t but it certainly changed how date/time stamps were read which is what caused the problem…

The logic I guess is date/time stamp changed >> file changed >> re Import >> Reanalyse.

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