Background analysis

what happens when this is left off. I moved my data to another location and now ROON has been doing background analysis and is at 269/68910…this will take avery long time…is it even necessary?
thank you

It is not “necessary”. The analysis does 2 things, 1. it creates the waveform of the track which is used instead of a straight line in the track playing time line. 2. it creates and stores the volume leveling information for that track.

If you (like me) never use volume leveling then that benefit is moot. And, if you also don’t care about seeing the waveform, then there is no benefit.

I do like seeing the waveform, myself. If you do to, then, I suggest, to switch off Library Analysis and then turn on On Demand analysis. This does the track analysis for the track that is about to play and then starts playing the track. A little bit of a delayed start the first time you play the track. Then, when not using the system (like when you are sleeping), I would enable the standard Library analysis; switching it to OFF again when I wanted to use Roon.

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Much appreciated
Thank you

There is a bug at this moment, so my advice is to turn off background analysis.