Background Audio analysis again

I’m sorry but for someone who doesn’t understand computer code nothing makes any sense is in Nuwriy’s post, apart from a request to delete a file, and it certainty doesn’t tell me where or how to find a file to delete.
It might make sense to you and 90% of the people on this forum, but to me you might as well be speaking in a foreign language.
You need to realise that one of the reasons I bought Roon was because it was a complete package, it worked out of the box, I needed no computer skills at all, I have none, nor do I have any desire to obtain any!!


The file in question is on your music hard drive, nested in the following folders:

Open the folder ‘Todd Bishop Group’
Within that folder open ‘MP3_NEW_RELEASES_2019_WEEK_17_(White)’
Within that folder open ‘MP3 NEW RELEASES 2019 WEEK 17 (White)’
Within that folder open ‘Flevans - Part Time Millionaire’

Then remove the file called ‘03 - Flevans - It Just Goes.mp3’ from that folder.

Hi again,
Nothing to do with understanding computer code … but a basic knowledge of how to access files that are stored on a hard disk is assumed… as you would have put those files on the drive at some point.

If not then you may need help from the person that set that up for you.

However, let’s see if the forum can help …

This is the name of the music file that causing issues…

03 - Flevans - It Just Goes.mp3

It is stored in this folder:

Flevans - Part Time Millionaire

Which in turn is within this hierarchy of folders:

MP3 NEW RELEASES 2019 WEEK 17 (White)


Todd Bishop Group


With a file browser, start at the /music folder and the click your way down [the path] until you see the problematic file. Then delete it or better still move to some outside of the /music folder.

@Carl, from the file path @nuwriy posted I assumed that ‘03 - Flevans - It Just Goes.mp3’ was the file name, i.e. separated by hyphens, not back slashes. Is that not correct?

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You are right, I have corrected my post.

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Hi Carl

At last someone is making sense for me, happy to look in music folder, the way it was first written it looked like it was a file within Roon hence my refusal to go anywhere near it. Will go and explore.
Thanks Carl/David


File found and deleted, problem seems to have disappeared.
Thanks for your help gents



Hello @Mike_Durham, glad things are working again! Please let us know if you have further issues in the future. We’re happy to help!

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