Background Audio Analysis and Work Indication

After upgrading to 1.3 I re-linked my iTunes library (~50k tracks). The Roon Appliance process (OS X 10.12.3) has been maxing out all of the cores I’ve allowed of the better part of the day.

I noticed that there has been no ‘spinning’ indicator in the Roon GUI to tell me what the Core is doing. After a bit of digging, I found that Roon is still analyzing the tracks (and making good progress), which is fine.

It seems like the GUI should really show a status indicator any time the Core is doing something processor-intensive (really anytime it’s not idling) so that you can quickly determine what’s happening. Given that some of these tasks take a long time, it’s nice to be able to easily confirm that it’s not a hung process.

Great work on 1.3!

Let’s expand that to a status indicator that tells the user what the core is doing at any time, and making it an optional GUI extra for those who don’t want that distraction or who just want to use it during troubleshooting.

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