Background Audio Analysis Issue

Hello, I am running Roon server on an i7 server with Windows 2012R and AO in minimal-core mode. It has been a couple of days since I have first set up Roon and had it scan my NAS music library. In Settings/Library, Roon is conducting the background audio analysis with 8 cores. It is spinning and has been at 1,855 of 108,268 files for a day now. Is this normal behavior or how can I ascertain if the background audio analysis is properly functioning? Thanks. JCR

First, it sounds like you should quit and reopen Roon. Second, you can check the Task Manager, look at “processes” and see if Roon ramps up to using a good chunk of your CPU. If the load remains very low then something isn’t working right.

The audio analysis is an processor intensive process. If you are restricting CPU usage at all then you will be extending the analysis time.

I know you’ve told Roon to use 8 cores, but, AO might be doing throttling in the background. Also, Roon needs to read the files from your NAS so if it is stuck there might be an issue with a corrupt file that is causing the processing to hang.

I will reboot the RoonServer when I get home this evening and see if that fixes the problem. I have dropped a note to Phil at AO to ask him how AO handles the processing of background audio analysis. I will report back here what he tells me, just to document in the Roon community. JCR

Reboot has not helped. Processing is stuck on track 1 of 106,482, so I may not live long enough to see it through. :slight_smile:
Phil says AO has no throttling. Others on report that Roon normally processes 1,000-1,500 tracks an hour while AO is operating.

I have shut off and restarted the 8 core. I don’t see it doing anything now, but maybe it needs to start up again. Further thoughts? JCR

Working now after reboots! 82K into analyzing my 106K of tracks. Thanks. JCR