Background audio analysis starts all over again on new start

Roon 1.7 build 667 running on an iMac 2020 with a 10TB external Lacie drive, formatted ExFat

Copied all music from a Roon Core library and did a backup from the Roon Core to the Lacie drive, restored the backup on the iMac Roon. All went well except the audio analysis apparently was not included in the backup, and therefore started from scratch (about 200 k files). Had analysed about 15 k files, and then switched to Roon core for another support issue, and when switching back to the iMac Roon the audio analysis started all over from scratch again? Seems strange that these data are not saved just like the metadata and other?

You can start and stop analysis on the Settings/Library page. Doing it this way, all previous progress is maintained.

In fact, one of the suggestions for large libraries, is to turn of Audio Analysis when using the system and then turn it on for overnight processing while the system is not in use.

However, if for some reason Roon thinks the storage location is New and different than the previous locations, then it will begin analysis again.

This is exactly what I intended to do; run analysis on multiple cores over night. But, when restarting Roon on the iMac it scanned in all files again (but it took only like a minute for 200 k files). I guess the question then is how to avoid it rescanning all files when restarting Roon? Thanks

You don’t. Roon will always perform a re-scan when started, which as you noted is fast, because it is not doing an audio analysis, just a file existence verification.

So then the question is still why it starts the audio analysis all over from scratch; if it is only a file existence verification I assume it should be able to re-use the audio analysis results from the previous run. It also puzzles me that the audio analysis data is not saved as part of the backup.

Just so I can clarify, you are trying to do a Migration from an existing Roon Core to a new one? And, the music location is different between the two installations?

When you did a restore on the new machine of the database, you then needed to go into Settings - Storage and Edit the OLD music location to be the new music location. This will preserve your analysis, edits, etc. Otherwise, Roon will treat the new storage location as all new music.

You might review this Migration FAQ to double check your steps:

Well, I think there are two problems:

  1. I did a restore of the backup and edited all the storage folders to the new location on my iMac Roon, and all metadata, tags etc where correctly restored from the backup. But, the audio analysis started from 0, i.e., performing an analysis of all tracks. This seems unnecessary, but I was OK with that and as I said before the plan was to leave it overnight running the analysis on multiple cores.
  2. After switching back to the original core and then back to the new Roon on my iMac again, the audio analysis started all over from 0 again (having completed about 15 k tracks out of 200 k tracks earlier). And I have no idea why this happened.

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