Background Refresh 2020

It sure seems every other app on my devices has this as an option.

iOS shuts down software after a period of time or when it needs resources for other apps or when a background app uses too much resources (for android it’s probably the same).

Roon is not a native app, so this will probably never work. Even with native apps this often does not work.

For the intended behavior you need to keep an active connection to your core and that will drain the battery fast.

Although a tablet or smartphone is a nice remote, it will never be a true remote.

Maybe a nice feature request would be a dedicated roon remote device alongside nucleus :grimacing: @danny

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I wonder what is the least expensive tablet that runs Roon remote very well?

On an iPad, remove every preinstalled app possible, switch off as much as possible in iOS 13 (there are lots of menu options deep inside Settings), then run Roon in ‘Guided Access’ mode and you have a dedicated Roon Remote device.
Battery life will be great, as it the background tasks for the other apps, etc that eat away at the battery.
If you have a version with the Smart connector, get you self the Logitech Charging base, then you just drop the iPad into the base and it charges, no plugging in and out.


This is a pretty good idea!

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There are also some great stands and mountings for iPads (as embedded single use devices), that incorporate a power connection etc. All for either POS use in stores, or Meetings Room Control, etc.
See as an example.

I have thought about dedicating an older iPad Mini in this way

I also have for my regular iPad 9.7 Pro, this stand

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Now i’m thinking of buying an ipad for this… thanks for fueling my desires :wink:

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My iPad Mini 4 works very well. I think I will try deleting ever app that it will let me.

Yes, for one that is connected to shore power all the time but gets used for other apps frequently.

I use a free app produced by Road ID when I go out for a bicycle ride. It will alarm if I stop for more than 5 mins. If I don’t postpone or begin moving again, it emails and txts my wife.

It works perfectly in the background, as does my heart rate monitor app.

I think a talented iOS developer could make a native Roon app that would be amazing to use. Ports never quite work as well.

Their team is too small to manage development and especially support for a native app on all platforms. High quality audio is a niche market.

That’s a basic app without a lot of functionality on one platform, can’t compare apples to oranges.

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The control app has nothing to do with high-quality audio. It’s only for control (and if audio is used on a mobile device output, it’s not high quality). It could be fantastic but it’s not because it’s not native.

I do feel that Roon tries to be too many things to too many people. It should be even more niche and excel at what it does instead of trying to please all. I know this view is contrary to what many feel.

Writing one app that is ‘ported’ to all platforms means they are all going to be mediocre and suffer from odd problems like font rendering that continues to be an ongoing issue with some platforms and video driver combinations.

With as many paying subscribers reported the team should not be so small anymore. Roon should ‘grow up’ and make the solution excellent.

My opinion and feelings as a lifer with 2 years plus use.

I very much echo Larry’s comment in the last post. I believe Roon need to really do something with the iOS App, which suffer some basic glitches that does not correspond to the price we pay and the average level of similar implementations as of 2020. Look at JRemote. Way simpler but properly running app - no reconnection errors, background refresh, not overcrowded main screen. It’s a pain interacting with Roon on iPhone. You need as min iPad Mini. Also, are you waiting for Roon to come back and reconnect when you get back from other app?, volume control- why not using hardware buttons, no Lock Screen control either.