Backing up Database to a USB connected to a Nucleus

My library is on an Internal SSD in my Nucleus plus an external drive connected to the USB port of the Nucleus.

If I disconnect the external drive and plug in a portable USB are there are any issues backing up the database to the USB?

Should be fine but there are 2 usd ports so can leave the external drive connected. Usb sticks normally bery slow so depending on your library size it might take a while

Hi wizardofoz.,

I only have 1 USB port on my Nucleus+.

I ran the backup and received an error an error message, backup failed - error backing up database.Should the USB be Fat 32? Perhaps it’s not.

I checked and it’s Formatted Fat32, however it’s 16GB and perhaps too small to accommodate the database. How do I check to see what capacity I need?

Is your entire external drive watched by Roon? If not, then you can create a directory on the external drive that is NOT watched by Roon and back up there.

Hi Daniel,

Yes there is, That’s how I had it before and I wanted to create another backup. Do you know how I’d check the space I need for a backup?

There is not a “this is your backup space estimator” that I know of; but, perhaps that should be a Feature Request. If you were using Roon on an unlocked OS like Windows, Mac, or even a normal Linux, then you could just look at the size of the Database directory to use as a guide for backup size.

What I do for my ROCK NUC, is to look at the size of the last backup, and vaguely gauge how much new activity I’ve done since then. If I’ve added a bunch of new albums to the library, I will expect it to be a bit bigger. If I’ve only done some edits, then it will be close to the size of the previous backup.

How much space do you have free on that external drive?

I would gues you need at least 64gb ssd drive…and if you plan on regular backups then more is probably better

I use an old 1TB HDD I had laying around. It stays plugged into my Nucleus and backs up every night. I keep the last 20 backups.

Hi @Paul_Elliott,

You should be able to use the USB drive to save the backups, yes.

The external drive formats supported are NTFS ,FAT32, and EXT2/3/4 drives, but if you are starting fresh with USB storage, our recommendation would be to use exFAT.

How much free space do you have on that drive?

Can you use a USB hub to plug two USB devices into the Nucleus +, one for music and one for backup’s?

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Hi @Jim_F,

Yes, you should be able to use a USB hub with Nucleus. Do keep in mind that some devices have higher power draw than others, and if you have multiple and are hitting the limit you might want to get a powered USB hub.


Thanks Noris. Not an issue for me, but might be for someone else.

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