Backing up music library

I’m running a SonicTransporter i5 and an external SSD for my library. I just backed up my library on an external HDD but would like a way to backup just new music rather than the whole library each time I run a backup. Any ideas?

Are you referring to the Roon software’s backup function? This takes a snapshot of the Roon database for backup, but doesn’t include the music files in your library.

I doubt whether there are plans to add this functionality.

I’m more of a Windows use than Linux, but there are bound to be software out there to help with incremental backups. Hopefully somebody can provide a recommendation. (Plugging your drive into a laptop/MAC will probably offer more flexibility than the STi5 can offer)

No, I’ll use the Roon facility to backup the Roon database. I’m looking for a way to backup new music on my library SSD without backing up the whole thing again. I’m a Sooloos user as well and that functionality is available. I use my PC for this kind of stuff, not the ST.

Windows backup tools are not the greatest, but in recent versions you would put a shortcut to your library in your Music library (or some other library), and then activate Windows backup facility. I just hit the Windows key and backup, and it pointed to a backup tool in the Control Panel. I don’t use that myself, but it works. And it will only back up the new stuff.

(I use Robocopy, more work but more flexibility.)

I use SyncBack FREEWARE fot years now, works perfect for me.
Backup and Synchronize: Copy files in both directions.
Make a profile how you want to backup/synchronize.
Add some new music to the ST.
One click in SyncBack, and all files are compared and adjusted.

I use Allway Sync to keep my backup copy in sync with my music library.

So if you remove by accident an album it will be deleted at your backup too?
I think this is not what you want.

Carbon copy cloner and backblaze

Is that comment directed at me? If so, that’s exactly not how I’ve configured Allway Sync. The synchronised copy is always additive, while modified files get replaced. Deletions from the backup copy are never automatic, only manual.

Ok, just the same as SyncBack I use.
There are a lot of that kind of apps

Thanks guys. I went with SyncBack. A test run worked fine so I think I’m set.

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