Backing up my Roon instance from old server before reinstalling on the new

Roon Core Machine

InnuOS 2.2.5

Innuos Zenith MkII

Description Of Issue

I have purchased an Innuos Statement server/streamer and sold my old Innuos Zenith MkII. I have many historical Roon backups (every 4 days), uploaded into my Dropbox cloud account. The Zenith has always operated as Roon Core as well as endpoint.

Before returning the Innuos Zenith Mk2 to factory settings (and ship it to its new owner), do I have to make an additional Roon backup on a local drive or can I rely on the backups on my Dropbox drive?

If you didn’t make changes since, your last one should work. But don’t “rely” on it - set up your new toy first, restore the backup on it, and verify that all is good before you flatten the old toy.

@Suedkiez: Thanks for the feedback. The related question I have is "Can I rely on a Dropbox located backup, or should i make a new backup on a local USB drive? (as somewhere advised by Roon itself). If so, why are we “pushed” to make backups in Dropbox at all?
Adding a new drive/folder next to my Dropbox folder requires instructions that look like Chinese to me.

More backups is better. If you burn down your house, or a USB stick fails, your local backup won’t do you any good. On that other hand, if Dropbox corrupts your backup somehow ■■■■■ happens) you would be happy having a local one.

Anyway, if you restore the backup on the new toy first, you can be sure that it worked, and can create a new one in case it fails

Restoring a backup from Dropbox is tedious, and can fail. It’s better to have a local copy of the backup.

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Thanks for the advise. I will switch over to a local backup.

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