Backing up Nucleus Data folder

I’d like to periodically back up everything on the Nucleus including music on the SSD and inside an attached drive. Are there any issues doing this and can I back up to an APFS formatted external drive attached to my Mac or would FAT32 be better?

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed solutions and ideas about backing up my data folder.

I’m trying out a different tack and would appreciate your feedback.

I’ve now plugged in an external drive directly to my Nucleus+ via USB with the aim to backup my music files and also a copy of the database. Unfortunately when I use my Mac’s finder the new drive Isn’t listed. Can I backup using this solution or are the USB inputs only there for the Nucleus to access my music?

Backing up the databases is best handled by the roon interface in settings backup.

Backing up of other data folders and storage locations is going to be dependent on the backup client you use as to where it can put things.

You could use something like Hyper Backup built into a Qnap NAS to “pull” data from the share on the nucleus to the NAS. Theres no way to get a nucleus / ROCK to push a backup of the music data out. But plenty of services that can pull one from the share. You could do it on your mac using a terminal command if you really wanted to.

David, what would that Mac terminal command be?

I’m using Carbon Copy Cloner, I managed to copy the files on the SSD in the Nucleus and the music files on an external drive connected to the Nucleus to an external drive connected to my Mac. The external drive was formatted Fat32 which I left as is. Unfortunately there we a few errors and when I ran the clone process again Carbon Copy Cloner crashed. After I rebooted, the external drive could only be used Read Only which couldn’t be changed though the Sharing & Permissions panel. The distributer of the LaCie hard disk recommended reformatting, Fat32 wasn’t available for the disk using Disk Utility and so I’ve reformatted using APFS. I’m checking for faults with Techtool Pro. If the disk is OK should I only backup the music files and back up the Roon database using Roon, do you think backing up the Database with the music files caused the issue with the backup disk?

Terminal command would be a variant of “DP” where source is your mounted share on the nucleus and destination is a usb drive or your nas.

Be aware though, that doing it this way will tie up your Mac for hours, so maybe something to put into automater and do over night

David, Thanks

I’ve had great results running chronosync (which comes with it’s own scheduler) to run syncs and backups of my music. It syncs my master copy of music on my mac with my nucleus’s ssd and it creates a further backup of the master on my NAS. It can auto mount discs, it runs fast, and is very reliable.

My Nucleus backs up to an attached USB drive every night. I have it set to keep the last 10 backups. I used it the other day to restore Roon on my Dell laptop. It just works. I have my very small local music library backed up to a folder on my laptop. I’m going to back up less often if I ever stop adding albums every day.