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I cannot now remember how I created a second ‘Roon backup’ on DropBox but, despite emptying everything else out, this is now full and, as I have plenty of space in both iCloud & OneDrive, I wish to place a copy here. I already have one copy on my NAS (running happily) and I think I have stopped the DropBox copying but nothing I do allows me to put in the correct path to allow a copy in either of these locations. Please help.

Hi @John_A_Birch,

OneDrive or iCloud is not supported natively in Roon at this time. What I would suggest you do instead if to create a folder on your Mac and set iCloud/OneDrive to copy the contents of the folder to the iCloud/OneDrive server. That way whenever you create new backups to that folder it is placed in your iCloud/OneDrive storage location.

That sounds great. Exactly how do I do that? Do I type \users\myname & let Roon create the folder, or what?

Hi @John_A_Birch,

I would create a new folder as your Roon backup location and then you would have to set this folder to be part of iCloud/OneDrive’s locations that it backs up to the cloud. More information regarding backups can be found in our Backup Documentation and as how to add specific folders to OneDrive/iCloud, you should refer to instructions from the respective service.

Sorry to keep harping on but I need to know exactly what to write to make the backup to my local hard drive. Everything I have typed in up to now, for example “\users\johnabirch”, “\IP address\etc.”, has come up with either cannot find path or unexpected error. Surely this should be simple. . .

Hi @John_A_Birch,

You should be able to select the backup location in the sidebar, there’s no need to specify it as a network address. Do you see your hard drives listed in the left side-bar when trying to specify the backup location? Can you share a screenshot if you’re seeing otherwise?

This is the screen that I cannot get through. As you can see, the primary backup is on my NAS. Dropbox are nagging me to upgrade & I have no desire to pay them money. When I click “Add network share” the next screen prompts me to write in the path. I can find no sidebar to select.

@John_A_Birch - Thanks for that screenshot, I see the issue here.

Your Core is not a MacOS running Catalina, but rather a Nucleus+ as shown in your screenshot.

Since the Core is not the same machine, but rather you are using a Roon Client to control your Core, you’ll have to share the backup location over the network, see:

Yes, the core is on my Nucleus+ but the Music & the Roonbackup folders are on my NAS. Do I really need another backup site for the RoonBackup? I use Qobuz for most of my listening these days & have the music files (Flac) backed up elsewhere anyway.

Hi John,

If you have the backups on the NAS, you can specify the NAS location to send to OneDrive / iCloud (this is outside of Roon). You should be able to configure your iCloud/OneDrive to watch the folder from your iMac or you might even be able to install an app package on the NAS to eliminate the need for the iMac to be online to perform the backup.

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