Backing Up Roon Nucleus To USB Drive

Recently my Roon Nucleus stopped doing my scheduled nightly backups. In looking at this, I found I had messed up when creating another scheduled backup routine, so last night I started over. Here are the paths I put in for four different scheduled backups (Local HDD is a 1 TB USB HDD).

Nucleus > Data > Storage > Local HDD > Daily Backup (Every night, keep 31)
Nucleus > Data > Storage > Local HDD > Monthly Backup (Ever 30 days, keep 12)
Nucleus > Data > Storage > Local HDD > Quarterly Backup (Every 91 days, keep 4)
Nucleus > Data > Storage > Local HDD > Weekly Backup (Every 7 days, keep 13)

Of course, Roon backup creates a RoonBackups sub-folder for each. Nothing profound here, but might help someone think through this. I back up my Dell core manually to a folder on the Dell. And yes, this is overkill, I know.

PS: When I messed up, I might have put one of the backup routines inside the RoonBackups sub-folder of another backup routine, IDK.

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Looks fine to me.


I have a daily backup on an USB SSD on the network (keep 10), one @ 3 days on a USB stick drive on another computer on the network (keep 10), one weekly on another USB stick on the network (keep 99) and one monthly on the internal SSD on the mac mini that has the roon core (keep 10). I also have a 5T hdd where I manually backup as the HDD usually is power off.

Same overkill but I spread them over different hard drives attached to different computers.

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