Backround analysis, files left to scan does not change after scan, leak of files in library, slow ui

Roon Core Machine

i7-6700K, windows 10 enterprice on m2 ssd, 16gb 2800
newest version of roon
all tracks are on internal sata ssds and not over network (870qvo)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1gbit lan, cat8 cables

Number of Tracks in Library

676.000 are not music files which roon doesent provide metadata for, in roon settings i set everything to take metadata from mp3tags not from roon

Description of Issue

i try for weeks to complete the audio analisys of my files. its terrible (bugs)
but now its broke i think

i had 278.000 files left to scan, and it does keeps scanning but the total count of tracks to analyse does not go down. since the 278.000 i scanned more than 100.000 files but the number stays. only if i listen to a track live it counts down.

and also roon is leaking files now most of the time. i start roon and sometimes it is loading all of my tracks. but after minutes our hours it loses the tracks. in options “storage” or the mainpage i have sometimes 710.000 tracks, sometimes 650.000, 702.000, 692.000 or whatever

also, and this problems i have since 1.8 (with 35.000 tracks) roon is so slow. to load an artist page can take 30 seconds

Hello @Max_Hudini!
Thanks for your report!
Could you please share the Roon logs from the device on which it happens?
You may find the instructions on how to get logs, on this page.
It`s better to zip the whole folder named “Logs” with the Roon_log.txt files inside. You may share this archive via Dropbox/Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive - it depends on which cloud storage you are using.

Thank you!

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