Backup and Recovery

Bit of background. I have rock on a 6i5syh, I’ve just bought a 7i5bnh for Plex. I’m thinking of going back to a standard windows install on the new box so I can run both Roon and Plex on the same box.

I’d like to try this install using my existing roon rock ssd. I do not want to have to copy my music onto the hdd from scratch so prefer to backup my rock install and just recover if I decide to go back to the rock install.

Anyone familiar on the easiest way to do this?

Maybe this will help?

My real concern is that the rock installation reformat the drives so I would need to recopy 2TB of data over to the onboard storage. I’m hoping to leave the data drive intact so if I revert to the rock install I would just need to restore the m.2 boot drive and database.

Unless the file system is supported by windows, I will need to recopy data for a windows install if I stick with it.

Rock uses ext4 for the internal drive and never formats that drive without you manually doing it from the web ui.

I was pretty sure I read that you can’t prepopulate a nuc disk with music before installing rock because it wipes all the music.

Anyway, I solved the problem by leaving the drives alone and trialling all this on a spare ssd. I’ll just rebuild it if my trialing of Plex and rock on the one box works for me.