Backup audio settings

Is there a way to backup audio settings. Every time Windows updates to a new version, all my audio devices become disabled.

That shouldn’t be happening. I run under WIN10 and I’ve never lost any audio settings.

Of course, all your device settings and everything else, except your music files, are backed up thru Settings==>Backups, which you should be running, WIN10 updates or not.

I restored from a recent backup and none of the audio settings were saved.

When this happens, is everything else the same? All of your playlists and edits are in place?

Yes. Only the audio settings are gone. And I can confirm that I lose the settings every time there is a Windows update. I am in the Windows insider program and perhaps that contributes to the problem, though I can’t imagine why. My Roon core is on a Surface Pro 7.

Hi @Marc_Erdrich,

What audio settings did you change that are gone?
Does this affect just Device Setup information or any DSP you set up as well?

Device settings as well as DSP.

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Hi @Marc_Erdrich,

Thanks for those additional details. I spoke to the team regarding your report and we’re hoping to gather the following details:

  1. Does the issue impact both local and network zones or just zones attached directly to the Windows PC?

  2. If this issue re-occurs, right after the issue occurs, can you please access your Roon Database Location and send us the files from Roon/Logs and RAATServer/Logs via Dropbox/Google Drive?

Here’s the link to the log files. I don’t see RAATServer. The problem occurred again right after a Windows update.

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Sorry. Found the RAATServer logs. Here’s the link:

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Thanks for sending the logs over @Marc_Erdrich, I can confirm receipt.

Let me get these over to our technical team for closer review and once review is complete, I will reach out again, thanks!

Hi @Marc_Erdrich,

Thanks again for sending those logs over. The team has been reviewing the logs and a few questions came up, can you please let us know:

  1. Have you ever had the non-insider edition on this PC? Did Roon have the same behavior if you had Roon + non-insider on this PC?

  2. Do you notice any of your network interfaces reset when you apply a Windows update? Do you need to re-configure WiFi after each update?

  3. After a Windows update, are you asked to re-login into Roon, or does Roon remember your login information and only the audio settings go missing?

  4. Are you using Roon through any sort of Virtual Machine Core or is Roon installed on the native Operating System?

  1. Have not had roon on a non-insider version.
  2. No problem with network interface after update.
  3. Roon generally remembers login information; only audio settings go missing.
  4. Roon is installed on native operating system.
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Thanks for those details @Marc_Erdrich, let me add these to your case notes and once I have further information from our technical team, I’ll update the thread, thanks!

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