Backup Bug with 1.8?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Innous Zenith Mk II SE

My update to 1.8 seemed to have gone well, but earlier in the week whilst trying to get live radio back, whilst Tidal synchronised well, my favourites in Qobuz were not coming through to my library. I decided (perhaps foolishly) clear the Roon database on the Innous server, and then restore a recent backup; I had undertaken this once before when I had a similar problem, slow though it is.

Only problem is that a lot of my CD rips of classical albums don’t seem to have been restored to how they were before…lots of opera multidisc sets e.g. from Testament, now appear as single discs again, and, worse, scattered through the library.

I’m going to restore a backup from before 1.8 to see if that works, but if there is anything better to try, I’d be pleased to hear it.

Hi @Richard_Graham

Was there any change to your storage locations when you did the restore, or was it exactly the same?

Hi @dylan,

Apologies for the delay in responding. The storage location was the same, and I think for some reason the first restore did not complete, and gave me the problems. I did a further restore of my last 1.7 back-up which worked fine and all is back to normal.

What puzzles me is that this second restore continued all of the way to 100%, whereas I think the earlier back-up seemed to get to *0% or so then restart. No idea why, but all is good now.

Thank you,


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