Backup confusing in b1202

Roon Core Machine

Mainly a Win 11 headless server with 32Gb RAM, 250Gb Samsung NVMe and 10Tb WD Red running Roon Server. (Intel Core i5-11400)
(Also occasinally using a NUC10i7FN* running Roon OS.)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Servers hard wired, a mixture of WLAN and hard wired Pi’s. Asus AX58 router.

Connected Audio Devices

Both USB from Core, WLAN from router to Altair G1, hard wired via unmanaged switches

Number of Tracks in Library

around 180K tracks local, ca 300 albums on Qobuz

Description of Issue

Decided to backup my DB and did my usual routine:

  • Connect portable SSD
  • Go ino Roon Remote on the iPad and select Backup
  • Select folder on the portable SSD
  • Start

However, in this build it seems that Roon has mistaken my backup procedure for a non-responsive Core?

Also, the layout here really needs some work…

Thing is, it’s the ordinary process where database is being snapshotted and the backup process initialized. The Core might be unavailable, but it is expected! No need to “cry wolf”…

Hi @Mikael_Ollars,

We’re making improvements in this area and the latent tablet layout shouldn’t remain for long.

The symptoms here resemble a Core crash. Have you reproduced this in the last few weeks? If so, we’ll investigate logs more thoroughly. Thanks!

I agree, but it didn’t. It was available (after the snapshot) from another Remote.
Not reproduced in a while, i’ll see if i can try it during the weekend.
Thanks Connor!

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