Backup device reports >100 connections per second

Roon Core Machine

Roon 1.8 (884 stable)
NUC 10i7FNH, 16 Gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear CM2050V modem
ASUS RT-AX86U router
TP-Link T1600G-28TS smart switch

Connected Audio Devices

Various devices, not relevant to question

Number of Tracks in Library

53,000 tracks
Qobuz + local files on Synology DS414

Description of Issue

I have directed Roon’s scheduled backups to my Synology NAS. During backups, the NAS reports a very high number of connections per second from Room (see attached). This seems to happen mostly during file deletion, and it is not necessarily a problem, but is flagged by the NAS. My questions are

  1. Is this normal for Roon? (If so, I’ll raise the NAS’s reporting threshold.)
  2. Is this efficient, or could this aspect of Roon be improved?


The only thing to be seen in your picture is that your NAS registers a lot of logs per second - whatever that means. A reference to Roon is not given at all in that picture.

If Roon is setup to delete older backups then file deletions have to be expected. As Roon’s DB and also backups consists of a lot of individual files, a lot of files have to be deleted.

Thanks for the reply. The NAS also has more detailed logs indicating the connections are from the Roon core machine and that the frequent connections are the deletions. So perhaps that is as expected.

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