Backup directory not available message

Previously I ran Roon on an iMac. I just installed a Roon Nucleus (2GB) and transferred the core from the iMac to the Nucleus. Nucleus is working great and is reading files stored on the G-DRIVE_USB-C I’ve attached to it, except … backups won’t run. I get a message saying “Backup directory not available.” When I first saw the message I looked at the path and it was still pointing to the old iMac core location. So I selected the G-DRIVE to serve as the backup location, but that generates the same “not available” message.

I am admittedly lacking in knowledge and am a novice at Roon. Any advice for enabling backups would be welcome.

I would suggest that maybe you format a different drive in fat32 and setup a new backup to that, not to a drive with music on it

Thank you. I will try that.

Hey @Daniel_Parker1,

Ben here with the support team, in checking your system diagnostics it appears that you were able to get things restored and have been enjoying music. Can you please update us on your current status? If you’re still having trouble and need help we’re happy to lend a hand! Thanks!

I’ll monitor this thread for your reply :+1:

Thanks Ben. Yes, I took the advice given to add a thumb drive (fat32) and am now successfully backing up.

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