Backup drive connected directly to Nucleus+ and drive not showing up

I could not find an article directly addressing my issue.
I have a Seagate hard drive I formatted to exFAT, the drive does not show up when connected directly to the nucleus via usb.
I find this back up work difficult in general due to authorization and path issues.
How can I get the Nucleus to see my USB drive?

Usb-C drives are not supported in case that is what you are trying to use

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Hi @Christopher_Seiffe,

Can you confirm what kind of connection is used for the drive? As wizardofoz mentions above, and as mentioned in our Nucleus Manual, the Thunderbolt port is not currently active.

Dylan. Thanks
I am using only USB 2 and 3. No C.
Also I did not create a file on the backup drive thinking Roon would ask me too.
But Roon does not see the drive.
I am USB 3 from music drive to Roon Nucleus. USB 2 for Nucleus to target back up drive.

Hi @Christopher_Seiffe,

Thanks for the clarification. Have you tried using a different USB cable?

If you connect this drive to another machine are you able to see it without issues?

Wires work!
I reformatted the disk to OS extended(journaled) and it can see the folders now. Cool
But I can not seem to select the folders. I get either “Back up failed/Unable to create back up directory”, when I try to “Back up now”, I get the invalid path specified when I try to set up scheduled back ups.
When I select the folder I want to use the select button is greyed out.
I set up the folders on stand alone computer.
When I try to add a new folder, I get the “unauthorized” message
I will search on these items.
I will also try another disk format
And open to suggestions.
Thank you again.

Reformatting to exFAT seemed to work. Thanks for you patience.
I am getting the rotating “Transfer message”

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