Backup failures

Hello all. I have been using Roon for close to a year with few problems, but recently have encountered a backup issue. I have been getting “scheduled backup failed at (specified time). Drive was full.”
I am using only an installed internal SSD, since I rely on streaming, rather than playing saved files from a NAS. I created four file folders, each capable of holding four backups. Until now, whenever I saw this system message in the top of my Roon OS window - small red triangle with an exclamation point inside, I would simply clean/restore my oldest backups, re-initialize or reschedule a backup without any further problems. Lately, though, my usual routine doesn’t work. After cleaning/restoring my drive/drives, I still get a “scheduled Backup Failed. Selected drive was full” message. I tried creating a new backup folder, but got the same results. I don’t like the idea of erasing all backups before I’ve successfully backed up my most recent activity for safe keeping! If there is an automatic limit to number or size of backups allowed by Roon, why won’t clearing the files work any more?
Any ideas what my problem is here?
Is there no way to simply set Roon to automatically erase/overwrite the oldest backups with the latest in a given backup file? As always, thanks in advance for any light anyone can shed on this! Ted.

Yes, Roon does that as a matter of course.

You have either encountered a bug in Roon, which I suspect, or the drive you are backing up to is full because of other things that Roon can’t and shouldn’t delete.

I moved this thread to the Support section of forum.

Can you describe your Core setup?

Slim, thanks for this. I hope to hear from someone soon. Ted.

I am now getting the same message when I try to back up in roon 1.8 onto a QNAP; backup of Nucleus + from PC to usb drive is working well

Hello @Ted_Ray ,

Are you using Hostname to connect to the share or via IP address?
Can you please confirm if the same issue occurs when using IP?

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