Backup File not being recognized on Roon Server

I have a Roon nucleus and a second roon server at a different location. I have a thumb drive that I use to backup the Nucleus. I then take take that thumb drive, insert it into the ‘second server’, select the most recent back up, and load that file. It stopped working for some reason. The second now server does not recognize a backup on the thumb drive. It recognizes the drive, but no files in it. Yes, I am backing up from the Nucleus properly by selecting the correct drive to back up to. Please advise. Thank You.

Is that also a Nucleus? If not, can you detail what the server is for support.

It is a Nuc that I built which has the most recent roon updates.

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You might plug the USB into a different computer and verify that the backup files are still there.

I just plugged into a PC and see two items: a folder which has a very long name (b837e70e-e063-7545-5tb7…) , and a file named root_backup_root . The file is dated today which is my most recent backup and is 1kb.

Are these two Roon servers using two different licenses?

same license. I sign in and out to use both.

What thumb drive (make / model)?

Somehow the issue resolved itself. The backup restored successfully. I use the Samsung BAR Plus. Thank You.

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