Backup free space indicator & bigger icons & dsp setting


after some speeches with Noris (roon team) here are few requests/suggestions:

  1. in the menu/tab interface to set the backup activity (place / schedule / etc.) could be useful to have a field ti specify the amount of memory installed/reserved for backup activity and have as a feedback the estimated maximum numbers of backup, based on the actual value of memory occupied in the main memory, before memory is too full to return an error (or not return any error even in case of fault… it is not clear to me… if I define 10 backups and the space is enough for 9 only… what happen when the activity will fail the 10th?)
  2. possibility to define the number/dimension of album covers in the wall… using a table, even a 12 inch one, there are so many album/icons that, for people not so young anymore, it start to be difficul to read even wearing glasses… can’t you add a tab/menu in the settings/preferences where people can choose what they like instead of keeping only what somebody else like?
  3. in the DSP, Procedural EQ, Parametric, in the filter is possible to define a negative/positive general offset and then add filters at various frequencies/Gain/Q… this offset can be adjusted via lateral slide (right side) but this slide is damn crazy sensible, using a tablet (ipad) is almost impossible release the finger form the screen keeping the setting unchanged … as there is a lot of space below the graph could you add an additional field to allow people specify the offset value with confort?

thank you for your kind attention