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Is there a way to insert an external USB drive and run a process to backup Music data from the Nucleus internal SSD directly?

There’s no practical solution. Since you access Nucleus storage over the network, the USB drive should be connected to the PC or laptop.

For best performance, use Ethernet with the PC.

@Martin_Webster - I see this in Windows explorer when I navigate to the my NUC/ROCK “Storage” folder from the mapped network drive for the ROCK on my PC:

I am able to copy, paste, and delete to from my PC or from the Internal storage on the ROCK.
It may be because I have a thumb drive connected to the NUC/ROCK or that it is being used strictly as a DB back-up location, but, might try it… YMMV

What I meant by no practical solution is that the copy will take two network hops if the USB drive is local, i.e., from Nucleus to PC and back again.

Therefore, attach the drive to the PC as it’s only one hop. And to improve performance, use an Ethernet connection.

Better still, keep master data on the PC, which should be backed up elsewhere, and copy changes to the Nucleus*.

*This is as simple as dragging files from a folder to the Roon UI.


Ok, got it. Guess it comes down to how much needs to be moved.

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I have a USB drive connected to the ROCK/NUC as extra space you can copy and paste just like a “real computer “ but it’s manual ,

ROCK doesn’t cater for it, also you can’t install any other software on ROCK to make it work.

For every data drive I have 2 x USB external drives as BU . I run Sync Back Pro on my main PC , then specify Source = ROCK/SSD , Destination a USB drive on the main PC

It works fine , after the first run it’s quick as it only copies changed files

I have considered the Main PC as “Master” route , it means copying new stuff to the PC then syncing . Not enough these days to worry about.

I have 2 identical drives in the main PC F matches the NUC SSD, H matches the NUC USB so it’s easy

The other advantage is that the F & H Drives feed JRiver where I do all my metadata editing, so it would be an advantage to sync changes.

I suppose it adds to the “appliance view” of ROCK, all.”computer work is on a real computer” Then BU would be a PC-USB connection not via a network

Maybe I muse some more :sunglasses:

From what I have read hopping thru the LAN is the only method.

I think Roon development should cater for a way to local backup for efficiency.

I am sure there is a way to Telnet into the server to start a copy process.

Personally, I would not be backing up my Roon music drive. I would keep my music on a PC and back that up to an external drive. Copy music files from the PC to the Nucleus watched drive.


I suspect Roon want to keep ROCK as minimal as possible , following the “appliance” philosophy, if you add one bit why not another and so on , where do you stop.

After my reply above, I have reverted to my Main-PC as master , the ROCK as slave , it keeps basic computer duties to a real computer. It took remarkably little effort just adjusting a few SyncBack profiles

The NUC while powerful enough for ROCK duties don’t compete with a full desktop PC

Just my 2p :sunglasses:


Right now the solution is to somehow back up my huge library offline, which will take a week or so, and sync via the LAN via my MAC with something like Cabon Copy Cloner.

A good backup solution should take minutes after an initial backup. For instance, changing metadata does not necessitate the whole file being uploaded.

My strategy is this:

  • Master copy on a PC
  • Copy to NUC (only need to copy over new releases)
  • Local block-level backup
  • Remote block-level backup

Another method would be to take the drive out of the Nucleus and connect it (with a docking station) to the PC. Then put it back into the Nucleus. Would be fairly quick this way. Then as @Mike_O_Neill said above make the Main PC the master.

I use something similar to this:

What back up software do you use , I think recommendations here are good as tried and tested software. I wonder if a thread on Utility Software maybe a good idea , especially for newcomers to the subject. We see for eg. dbPowerAmp as the ripper etc.

I came across SyncBack years ago and I have used it ever since. You can either Mirror (L->R) or true Sync (L<->R). I always Mirror so that my Master stays the Master. After the initial copy it works by “change” only changed or new files are copied.

I use Borg Backup plus a Hetzner Storage Box.

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