Backup Hanging and Unable to Cancel

Roon Core Machine


Number of Tracks in Library

9,000 (for now)

Description of Issue

Backup is hanging and preventing from using Roon / Roon Arc.

My dropbox was full yesterday, so deleted the content and changed my backup to a less demanding set and successfully reran the backup manually. Today’s scheduled backup has been trying to run since 2am (GMT) and I tried to cancel it at 9am today but does not seem to allow it to stop (it’s been a good 30 mins).


The stop/cancel backup option didn’t work after leaving for more than three hours, so I’ve hard shut-down and restarted my NUC server. I’m now up and running but worth keeping this open to see if others have hit this problem on the current or recent build?

Hey @Ian_Robertson,

Thanks for your patience while we work through every thread! I wanted to follow up to see if you were still running into issues?

All fine since - I believe I forced a hard reset of the NUC to get up and running.

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