Backup Ideas for Rock to Nas Music?

Hi there!

I’m writing to you (sorry if this is the wrong section) because I would like to ask for advice on how to backup my music.

I currently have a Nuc with Rock with an external drive connected via usb where I have all my music;
I would like to make a 1:1 copy on my synology so that when I add music it automatically creates the copy (sync) on the NAS.

Can I ask you how you would do this?

thanks and good music to all

The easiest solution (and what I would recommend) would be to store your music files on your NAS as a folder/network share called ‘Music’ and point Roon running on your NUC at it. You could then backup the music files on the NAS to the cloud or an external HDD using Synology Hyper Backup package.

The one downside to the above is you’ll likely find that Roon won’t instantly pick up new additions to your music library and instead you’ll have to manually set the ‘rescan interval’ under Settings->Storage. In practice I have never found this to be a major issue, you can always force a manual refresh in Roon if needed.

If you’re determined to keep the music files/library on the NUC then you could look at either of these options.

  1. Mount the ROCK’s ‘Storage’ folder onto your Synology via CIFS and then back it up as you would a normal folder on your NAS. This could be a manual task or you could use a package like Synology’s Hyper Backup mentioned above.


  1. Use Synology’s Active Backup for Business package/application to backup the remote ‘Storage’ folder on the NUC ie. no need to manually mount it first.

Both options are outlined here on the Synology site. I’ve never used the Synology Active Backup for Business app/package but it looks like it would do what you need — although it might also be slight overkill as it’s more aimed at backing up multiple devices in a business setting.

Anyway, hope that helps…

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