Backup internal ssd in Nucleus to external drive

I’m using my Roon Nucleus with internal 2TB SSD to store my music. As a backup is always a good idea, is there a way to backup this files with a HD directly attached to the Nucleus?
So far I do it over WLAN on to my Mac but this is slow.

No. But if you’re using a Mac, you should be using rsync (free), or a GUI for it such as Chronosync (expensive) - either of which will only copy changes after the initial sync.

To use rsync, make sure source and destination drives are mounted (show in the finder), open the terminal app, then type rsync -av and drag drop in the Nucleus drive (from the finder), hit space, then drag drop in the destination drive. You’ll end up with a command that looks something like this:

rsync -av /Volumes/Data/Storage/InternalStorage /Volumes/LaCie

This works great, and its free! If you want to automatically schedule it, try Chronosync.

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Whoops, my bad.

You back up your Roon database, but not music files on an internal to the Nucleus SSD. That’s what the question was about…

Yep, you’re right. Thanks. I don’t really have any music files of my own, but if I did, the original files would be stored on a USB drive kept safe somewhere and backed up from that drive periodically to another drive, etc.

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