Backup is failing - need help mapping backup to PC

I’ve had an odd thing happen with my Roon backup. I’m currently running my Roon Core on a Sonic Transporter i9. My library is very large with over 276K tracks. I have 2 scheduled back ups every 4 days to a couple different folders on my NAS. I’ve never received errors and it’s been working fine. A couple days back I tried to do a manual backup to a new folder I created on my NAS and it failed - gets to about about 80% “transferring” and then I get the red error “Backup failed…”. I figured it was some glitch but then the next morning I had an error that both of my routine backup were failing. I should note that I rebooted my NAS before the evening scheduled backups. It’s happened two days in a row now. NAS is working totally fine by the way. So, I thought of just backing the database up to a folder on my PC. But I can’t seem to get the network share working. I’ve tried different steps like folder sharing but it’s giving me errors.
Anyone know how I may simply create a network share to backup Roon database on my PC? I appreciate any help.