Backup music files on Nucleus internal HHD

I have a Nucleus with installed HHD containing all my music files.
Unfortunately, I dont yet have a backup of music files elsewhere and my NAS (Synology) doesnt have enough free capacity.

How do I ensure a full backup of my music files kept on my Nucleus assuming I would have to buy an external HD for this purpuse?

Nucleus has no back up function for music files only the database. So your better adding a usb drive to your Nas and then back up the Nucleus music folder the NAS backup software.You can mount it in the backup system via SMB mount.

Hi @Redwine,

As Simon mentioned, there is no automatic music file backup system build into Nucleus. The best option here is to use a NAS or USB storage device to keep backup of your files that are on Nucleus.

Ok, but how do I ensure a copy of all the music now only left on my Nucleus. I dont have a copy kept somewhere else. I didnt understand Simon’s comment re. my NAS.

And secondly, I have had my Roon core earlier on a separate NUC with regular backup of database tracking music left on my NAS.

Can I merge 2 Roon data bases (one on my Nucleus tracking music on my hhd installed on Nucleus) and (one on my NUC tracking music on my NAS)?

You cant have two databases no, but you don’t need to. Your Nas should have some backup software as part of the operating system after all that’s what they are designs for, backup station I believe on Synology. You can configure this to see the music folder on the Nucleus by using the Nucleus samba share as you do to copy music to it. Your can then backup the music files to a usb drive attached to the NAS or cloud service.

This is how I do it using my QNAP. Every night the NAS checks the music folder for new files and copies any new ones to my NAS. The NAS then copies this to the cloud and another USB drive.

Hi @Redwine,

You can’t merge two Roon databases, but if you want to use the Roon database from the NUC on the Nucleus, you can restore that backup on the Nucleus.

If you’re wanting to use both music stored on the NAS and music stored on the internal storage, you can add the NAS location as a watched folder by going to Settings > Storage.

Thanks for input, but must say computer stuff is not my strength at all, I realized once again!

I can see the Nucleus as well as the Synology on my Mac using wifi only, but have no feeling how to copy all music files from the internal hhd on my Nucleus to an external usb hhd attached to the Synology. Studying the Synology manual didnt really guide me.

So, anyone here who could provide me with a “plug and play” guide for this task keeping in mind I use a Synology? It has to be a wired solution since the data volume is high.