Backup not running

Ive had an issue a couple of time now. My backup is set to run a 1am which it does perfectly well. However a couple of times Ive turned my system off and not stopped roon playing so when the backup tries to start it fails. This would be OK on that particular night except it locks the backup process out for good until I manually go in clear the error and restart it


Hi @Gary_Proudfoot ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. To help me better evaluate this behavior you are experiencing, I’d like to gather the following information from you. Please see below.

  1. Please provide a brief but accurate description of your current setup as seen here.

  2. You’ve mentioned in your report that this has happened a few time now, can you think of anything, operationally speaking, that may have changed from when the procedure completes and fails? I am curious if there are any variables that may be causing this to occur. No detail is too small.

Looking forward to your feedback!

I just noticed my backups are not happening at the scheduled times/days either. I have the backup scheduled to occur every 3 days at 7am. In looking at my last 3 successful backups, they were done on the 3-11, 3-17, 3-28. I only noticed a backup error yesterday.

I am backing up to a NAS via wireless AC which is on 24/7 and is not set to spin down the HDD.

what version of Roon you are running 64bit 1.39 (209)
What operating system you are running: server 2012 with Audiophile optimser

Basic information about the device you’re using: PC i5 8gb ram 120gb ssd

What router are you using? TPlink c7 > netgear gs108 switch

Storage is a WD Cloud NAS, both pc and nas are set to never sleep

I don’t remember if there was a message after the first time I discovered backups weren’t happening. I don’t have a problem with the backup failing if the system was playing at the time but I would have expected it to carry on the next scheduled time. Is it supposed to carry on or does it wait for someone the clear the fault ? If we have to clear the fault can there be a warning on the main screen?

I have seen a red triangle in the top right icon tray warning of a failed backup.

Hi @Gary_Proudfoot ---- Thank you for taking the time to follow up with me. Would you say that you can reproduce this issue readily when the system is not active? As you have mentioned that this seems to only occur when nothing is being streamed from Roon.

@tboooe and @andybob — Appreciate the feedback, thanks for chiming in here. Can you verify if you notice the same as Gary in regard to when backups are failing and completing?


I have had backups failing because I was playing music at the time. I would expect Roon to try again the next day but it seems to not behave this way.

I initially saw the failed backup icon when my USB stick got full. Now I’ve got a bigger one. I’ll try scheduling some backups today and see if they fail.

Hi Eric

I think you’ve got it back to front, the issue occurred when the system was playing


@tboooe / @andybob / @Gary_Proudfoot ---- Thank you for the feedback and taking the time to answer my questions. These data points are very appreciated!

Moving forward, I would kindly like to ask all of you to please provide the following information in a PM addressed to “support”:

  1. Please reproduce the behavior being reported. Note the time when the issue occurred and also please describe the steps that were used to trigger the problem.

  2. Once the issue has been replicated, please follow the steps found here and provide us with a set of your logs in a dropbox download link.