Backup not working since I moved Music files

I had to move the location of my Music files,I added the new loction , and roon scanned the folder
But all my corrections ,hidden choices ,and hours and Hours of Credits info I had too add to Roon
since the data base used was far from perfect . I then did a restore from my last back up which didn’t
include new location of music files ,which I then added ,Now it seems to just scanning the titles with
none of my customize info, what can I do ?? hat did I do wrong?

Hi @Peter_Neski,

We have a guide for moving your music collection to a new location here:

It is important that, when you update your storage locations in Settings > Storage, you edit the existing watched folder and not add a new storage location with the other still active.

Thanks ,I see what I did wrong ,Since the original location of my music files started working again
I just did a back up and only lost this months edits,The one thing that seems to always be the main complaint about roon, is mistakes in the All Music guide data base ,