Backup Notification Issue

I am a new Roon user ListenUp in Denver installed a Nucleus last Wednesday After connecting to my network and three Bluesound devices and downloading metadata from my music files (it took several hours since I have 25,000 tracks) I had a message window that Ihad not yet backed up my Roon files. My music files are stored on a BlueSound Vault 2 I also have two BlueSound Node 2’s connected to my system. I hit the get started button and did a backup which appears to have been successful. I still get a box indicating that I have not yet backed up my Roon files which i cannot seem to close or get rid of. It does not show up on my handheld devices but it is irritating in that it blocks views of my tracks/artist/albums on my iMac desktop.

What do I need to do to close this window?

Maybe try restarting the core. Do note that roon’s backup is only backing up the roon library database, not your music.

Hi @Steve_Williams,

Did you choose Backup Now or did you schedule backups? If you schedule recurring backups this should go away.

Ainitially I used the immediate backup. A scheduled backup has since occurred. When I click the x on the open window, it disappears for a second then reopens.

Thanks. I am traveling today but will give it a try when I return home. Thanks again.

I have now done another apparently successful backup and per suggestion of Wizardofoz i have restarted the Nucleus, all to no avail I have hear nothing from Roon Customer Support after my initial reply to their sole response to my inquiry some 24 plus hours after i responded to Dylan’s question to me

Did you set up a path to back it up to? You should back it up to somewhere off the nucleus either via a network share or an attached usb drive but not to its local disk.

Thanks for your response. Still have not heard from “Customer support”. Not sure where the backup file resides. I simply followed the prompts. I am away from my system right now, but I believe that “check backup” shows the backup in a folder called Roon Backups" or the like. If it were important to direct the backups somewhere other than where this file resides ( and I don’t know where it is as I type this) one would think it would be spelled out in the prompts. The lack of a phone number for customer support is irritating. Now something like a day and a half has gone by since my response to the first communication and “crickets”. I expect a lot more fro a product like this, especially when compared to companies like BlueSound where you can talk to a live human being and where they will take over your computer remotely to solve an issue if needed. Sadly, I am not impressed at this point.

To get support involved you need to tag @support. The support thread is for user to user support as well. Roons support is a small team and will respond if you tag them directly.

Have you read through the KB on backups? All you need to know is there. I dont know what OS your running your server on so its hard to say where its backing up to but when you set one up you must configure where it goes manually.

Hi @Steve_Williams,

Thanks for giving this a try, @Steve_Williams! Typically once a scheduled backup is successful this notification should disappear, so it sounds like something else is going on here.

Moving forward with troubleshooting, I have enabled diagnostics on your account. Once the diagnostics report comes through I will pass it along to the technical team for analysis. I’ll be sure to update you ASAP when I receive their feedback on this.

The problem has now resolved itself after I closed and reopened the app several times. Dylan: I would like to send you a PM.

Thanks to everyone for their help

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