Backup Nucleus SSD on Synology NAS

Dear all, what would be the easiest way to backup the internal SSD of Nucleus (Micron 5210 ION - 7680Go, 2.5") to a Synology NAS (DS1819+)?

Are you talking about backing up a drive containing music or making a backup of the database?

Hi, would like to back up the media files.

Hi Christophe I use a windows tool called syncback to back up the music to three or four devices using the SMB share on my Roon Rock, including my Synology NAS.
You can also save your database backups to the NAS using settings->backup as well.
There are plenty of other tos like this, it might even be worth checking the Synology app store to see if one of their many backup tools can help



I use ChronoSync on Mac to mirror the iTunes library on my Mac mini server to

  1. My Nucleus
  2. My NAS

The sync is triggered automatically whenever ChronoSync detects a file change on my Mac mini (say adding or deleting music from my library). Every night the NAS will upload the changes to Synology’s C2 cloud backup service for added redundancy

I use Active Backup for Business which is a Synology application. I understand some of the more stripped down versions of Synology NAS don’t have this as a capability.
I found some additional resources that helped getting this set up.


Thanks. I installed active backup for business and it seems working fine. Thanks for the tip.


I am using Acronis on Mac to backup the media files stored on NUC ROCK via SMB to other locations (such as NAS or external BIG drive)

Thanks, I had this issue as well. Just moved the core about a month ago from Synology to a rock. I’m also reorganising my library and ripping the cd’s I still have and store them on the rock. Of course I wanted a sync to my Synology NAS and also a backup. On Synology I’m using Hyper Backup already for a long time, but never had the need to have an SMB source for backup. I was quite surprised I couldn’t configure it with Hyper Backup. Did a quick search back then, but didn’t spend more time on it yet, except from a manual clone every now and then. Wouldn’t have tried Backup for Business because of the name… but I will now. Thanks.