Backup on a Roon Control PC platform

I am using a headless linux based music server running Roon Server.
Setting up backups, oer manual execution, are done from a Windows-based Roon Control platform.

For storage of the backup, 3 possibilities are offered :

  1. local storage on the Roon Core machine
  2. Dropbox
  3. Network storage, i.e. a NAS

I would lie to request a 4th option, being able to backup (and of course restore) at a local disk on my Roon Control PC


Share the control pc local drive on the network and back up to it.

I have the same issue with my Innuos ZENith (Linux custom built). Although I can see it in PC on my network, when I insert its path in my Roon Backups Setting, it fails, no matter what path Format I try

Any recommendation/instructions to accomplish this?
I can share my local windows PC with other windows PC’s.
From my Windows PC, I can access other -linux based- machines, such as a NAS and my Music server.

I have no clue on how to make my music server (/Roon) to see my Windows PC (and local harddisk).