Backup option to include music and internet radio playlists separately

I know there’s Roon backup… but this takes forever to do it and too may small files, I mean hell a lot! Again it takes forever to delete them too! If I ever need to re-install Roon, all I need is the backup for my music playlists, NOT the whole OS nor the Roon server itself. I don’t have a large music library <25k and so re-scan and build-up libraries is pretty fast. I use primarily Roon ROCK, so I hope this feature can be add in in future updates.

We are audiophiles who love music and not computer geeks that like to tinker around.

Many are both but simplicity is the watch word :slight_smile:

So why is backing up an issue? Schedule it to run when you’re asleep.

It is not an issue but doing things smart. If one can backup by parts, that will be more efficient. I’m taking an option feature to allow users to backup music playlists (local) and in internet radio. Both Tidal and Qobuz have backup playlists (favourites) in their servers. Moreover, backup playlist file is small and doesn’t need to have a lot of them that take up a lot of space in your local drive. Cloud based backup (Dropbox) is simply to slow to upload and restore, privacy is still an issue.