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Hi, when I use my backup all albums are there EXCEPT my playlist folders.
I have done a lot of work to make these list.

Please advice me what to do.


Welcome to the forum, @Henk_ter_Maten1!

Are you referring to Roon backup (Settings > Backup) or something else? Roon doesn’t backup media files. However, Roon backup does include your Roon playlists.

Hi Martin,
Indeed. But my playlists are NOT included in the backups.

Hi @Henk_ter_Maten1,

What kind of playlists do you have? Are they playlists of local library tracks or TIDAL/Qobuz playlists?

Hi, thanks for your response.
97% Qobuz and 3% local.
The problem is not only happening on one but on all of my backups.
According to Roon the playlists should be backed up. But I say no that’s not the case.
Please advice.

Hello @Henk_ter_Maten1,

The Qobuz playlists would live in your Qobuz account, so if you are not logged in to Qobuz, they won’t appear in Roon.

For the local playlists you have, how did you confirm that they don’t show up in a backup? Have you tried restoring one of your backups and the local playlists were missing?

Are you certain you are using the right Roon Profile?

Hi Noris,

I do make playlists only in Roon! I don’t make playlist in Qobuz.

I am logged in Qobuz. I have made backups and after restoring there are no playlists anymore. Also after logging in again in Qobuz.
Hope you understand. Please help me with this.

The playlists I have created in Roon are included in the Roon backups. How do I know? Because the playlists survived moving from one Roon Core to another using a backup. Of course, these are playlists containing my local files.

Hi @Henk_ter_Maten1,

Playlists are included in backups. I would check to make sure that you are using the same Roon Profile as the one you used to create the backup:

Hi Noris,
This is THE solution. Under the same profile it works.
This profile was apparently changed.
Thank you so much :smiley:

I also want you to ask how can I bring a pdf file into an album?

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Hi @Henk_ter_Maten1,

Glad to hear that my instructions helped with this issue! For PDFs, you’ll want to refer to the following guide:

I really meant, to bring my OWN pdf’s into an album.

Hello @Henk_ter_Maten1,

If you place your PDFs in the same folder as the the audio files, do you see it pop up as noted in the guide I linked?

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