Backup problems on Roon Core

Roon Optimized Core Kit, 1.7 build 667,
external hard drive Gdrive 10TB
iMac OSX 10.15.7 with Roon 1.7 build 667

Core setup to backup to external drive every three days, and reports doing so also. Should keep 5 latest backups. But when browsing backups it only finds one from July this year, in addition to a manual backup I made yesterday. Latest automatic backup was reported at 01:05:00 today, and when checking the date of the folder for the backup from July it was modified at 01:00:00 today. Something weird going on…

I had this problem once. In my case, I had moved Core from one system to another and was looking in the wrong location when browsing for backups.

What filesystem are you using on your 10 dB drive? exFAT or EXT4? I wonder if you could be out of space or inodes…

A similar complaint -

Roon Backup has more problems than just this one.

I have not moved the core, and I have an ExFAT formatted HD with 2TB available space.

Hi @Elling_Jacobsen,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry for the troubles here.

If you make a new forced backup to a new location do you see that backup?

Ugh, this isn’t inspiring confidence in Roon backups. :frowning:

Short answer: yes (and as I said above, the forced backup made yesterday to the default backup folder was also visible).

Can you zip the backups folder that wasn’t working properly and send it to us here:

Thanks, @Elling_Jacobsen!

OK, started. But, with an upload speed of about 20MB/min (not a limitation on my side…) and a file size of 32GB it will take some time…

upload failed after a couple of hours… Any other suggestion?

Giving up on automatic backups, starting with manual (forced) backups instead.

Hi @Elling_Jacobsen,

Can you please share a screenshot of your RoonBackups directory? Do you see one or two folders listed there?

Roon Backups Example

With dates of modification…

And in Roon:

You seem to have two backup root folders - one nested inside the other. That’s odd, IMO.

Yes, and if that will result in missing backups, the Roon needs to prevent or, at least, check for this condition and warn accordingly.

Hi @Elling_Jacobsen,

I believe that having the two backups nested is causing an issue with the backups being properly read.

Can you please Cut + Paste the entire RoonBackups nested folder (Created on Nov 7 at 18:14) out of the Backup directory and paste it in a new folder?

I’ll also forward your report to our QA team to investigate this further.

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