Backup procedure question

I have a potable USB drive that stays connected to my Salkstream III (Roon and music files reside on Salkstream internal drive). I have Roon set up to do regularly scheduled Roon database backups to this USB drive. I also use it to backup my music files.

I have a second portable USB drive I would like to connect to the Salkstream on occasion to create an additional backup copy of the Roon database (and music files) that I can keep offsite.

Can I manually do a backup of the Roon database to the second USB drive whenever I like without affecting or having to reset the regularly scheduled backup to the first USB drive?

If so, what are the steps?

Thank you. :smiley:

For the second drive, just use the Manual Backup Now option and specify the second USB drive as the destination.

Thanks! :smiley: