BackUp Progress Bar

Wouldn´ t be nice to have some indication (a progress bar or a % thingie) to see how far the Backup process in minutes or hours?
I often just want to make a BackUp just before nighttime, but have to cancel it bcs I can not see how long it takes (and it takes a long time)

best KnockKnock

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Is this a Data Base back up? If so, just schedule it for a time you don’t use Roon.

Yes it is a data backup, but I can not schedule it for the time I don´t use Roon, bcs then my Mac is sleeping, and so am I :smiley:
So it would be nice to have some info on how long a backup would take, and since Roon is nonresponsive while doing the backup, I can not use it

best KnockKnock

How about leaving the Mac on?

Hi Ratbert

Waste of energy when it only takes 20-30 minutes, but I don´t know if it takes 20 or 30 minutes or more, bcs I don´t have a progress bar. :smiley: … Is it really that hard to implement?

I don’t know if it is hard to implement but currently it doesn’t exist. I would put the security of a db backup over either a period of a day without music or a little electricity cost overnight.

It’s a good suggestion for a sensible feature. And not hard to implement…

Just something like this, LightRoom can do it…42

I backed up my Data Base externally from my QNAP NAS and it took ‘Cup of Tea’ time.
A second back up is always a good idea.
The QNAP does indicate progress.