Backup question

Setup: nucleus - external HD with 142000 FLAC files with many relabeled using MP3 Tag (lots of time and effort)

Situation: external HD failing/failed
I have all the files on another external HD but many of the files have not been relabeled/titled though they are the same files in the original HD that has gone bad

I have backups of the failing HD with relabeled files.
I now have backup HD connected to the nucleus and Roon is in process of analyzing the HD. With 142000 files this is taking a long time.

Can I use backup made from the original HD with relabeled files and restore it while using the backup HD with uncorrected file names?

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you

Not really, as Roon will scan and analyse any attached folders and drives.

If you visit Roon Settings > Library, you can pause the analysis while listening, and throw more resources at it when you’re not.

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Thank you
Guess I’m gonna do a few hours of file renaming coming up