Backup/restore after Qobuz integration

With the integration of Qobuz and Roon - THANK YOU VERY MUCH - I have been adding Qobuz ‘streamed’ albums to my library.
Are there any special issues to take into account when before or after taking a backup or a restore?

  • does one need to be logged in with Qobuz?
  • what happens if Qobuz is not reachable?
  • what happens with restore if album is not offered anymore by Qobuz

  • Dirk

It’s backing up your library so as long as roon thinks you have a Qobuz subscription everything will be backed up. Stuff dissapears from streaming services all the time so no impact.

Will a qobuz playlist be saved in a Roon Backup?

I would imagine all Qobuz native elements would come in on synch from Qobuz.